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SLIM LED Light box

Till date we were making LED light boxes with minimum 160mm depth, But as the time pass technology is upgrading day by day.Now we can make LED lightbox with minimum 20mm thickness. Which is very slim and even lighting. Normally we use LED edgelit Crystal frame for making slim LED illuminated signage or poster, but in Crystal acrylic LED display there are some limitations of size (maximum 4'feet X 6'feet). Now we can use Slim LED lightbox to make any size you want.


EL panels are introduced in international market, but yet to come in indian market. We are bringing EL panels to indian market first time. EL panels are it self lightup material, There is no LED or neon or any other gas operated lighting in it. EL panel is called ELECTRO LUMICENT PANEL which is made from phosphor material. Phos[hor material is heardly having 260GSM thickness. Which is just like a poster paper. It normally operated on 60V to 110V AC. We can have multiple animated images in it.

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